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Our full portfolio of services helps you anticipate the future, from comprehensive scenario planning for enterprise strategy to single-issue-focused workshops built around specific decisions that require a futures perspective. 

Our services respond to your toughest questions.

Enterprise Scenario Planning

Client Question: “I need a comprehensive strategy for my organization. Can FSG help me with that?”
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Scenario-Based Analysis & Modeling

Client Question: “We need to make some high-stakes decisions, and we’re struggling to account for the massive changes sweeping our industry and broader business environment. How do we do this systematically so we know we’ve covered all the bases and we know which way to go? ”
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Futures Decision Panel

Client Question: “A long-tail issue has suddenly come up in one of our operating units. We need to act soon, but the issue is not straightforward, and we don’t even know if we have the right questions. Can FSG come in and help us work through this?”
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Strategic Innovation Workshop

Client Question: “Our division is facing potentially significant disruptions in the next several years – technological, regulatory, competitive, and consumer-based. To retain our leadership, we need to get out ahead of these issues and factor them into our new product and market plans. Can we get a short introduction to working with futures issues that will also provide us with some useful direction?”
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Strategic Options

Client Question: “I have a feeling that there are some great moves out there we could be making now that would set us up for future prosperity, but I don’t know what they are. Is there a way to identify some of these options before our competition does?”
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Scenario Training

Client Question: “I’ve heard about scenario planning and think it might be for us, but I want our people to have a better grounding in its principles. Can you train them in the fundamentals of the process?”
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Executive Presentation and Speeches

Client Question: “I am putting together a program for my Board of Directors or an offsite for my top management team, and I want to get a true expert on futures issues to give a presentation to them about the future and possibly to run a futures exercise. Can you do this?” 
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